Trump Rally Designated As A Coronavirus Outbreak


Public well being officers in Minnesota have designated Donald Trump’s rally within the state a COVID outbreak after 20 individuals have been sickened.

CNN reported, “In Minnesota, public well being officers say they’ve to date traced a minimum of 20 instances of the virus again to a rally held by President Trump final month, or to associated occasions. Of the 20 instances,16 are amongst individuals who attended the rally. 4 individuals stated they participated in counter-protests the identical day, the state’s well being division advised CNN.

It has now been confirmed that Donald Trump’s rallies are causing coronavirus outbreaks and endangering public well being. Not solely is Trump not doing something to maintain Individuals protected through the pandemic, however he’s additionally actively working to make extra individuals sick and the virus stronger.

Trump thinks that he’s displaying energy and profitable by holding these rallies, however what most voters in swing states see when Trump involves their city is a president doesn’t care about holding individuals wholesome.

Persons are getting sick as a result of Donald Trump solely cares about himself. The instance that Trump is setting is actually spreading the virus and proving to America that he’s a hazard to the well being of each metropolis and state that he visits.

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